The Game is set in the Space Station SP4-C3, in a non specific future where almost all is automated. And humans barely work anymore, except for a few exceptions. such has our protagonist, Employee 004.
The game will start with the daily routine, where she will meet a shady disembodied voice self called “N. Gineer”, the day will quickly go down south when a really important part of the station explodes, putting in danger the whole world!

Now it’s up to employee 004 to get to the center of the station to fix the problem that herself (allegedly) caused, for that task, N. Gineer, leads Employee 004 to the “Power Arm” an experimental tool with the ability to activate different elements in the station and most importantly, propel yourself through the air (with the little detail that Employee 004 have to get some add-ons for the power arm first).
Could Employee 004 reach the center of the station on time?. Probably, the power arm is super useful and powerful, hence the name “Power arm”.


With the PowerArm you can activate electric panels that powers all the elements in the station, allowing you to open doors, turn off security measures, or use the station elements to your advantage.

The main advantage of the power arm is that shooting it will literally launch you back with the gun recoil, this can be used to jump really high, allowing you to reach high places and far corners.


One of the lesser employees (and few humans) from the “SP4-C3” Space Station. A salary worker without any special skill whatsoever..
In his first day of work she is sent to fix a minor problem in one of the many energy regulators of the station, but an accident, that she (allegedly) cause, puts the station in danger and also the world. Now she will have to harness all the knowledge of his 10 minute entry instructional video and save the mess that she herself cause.

A High level manager from the “SP4-C3” space station, in charge of guiding different procedures..
When a strange reading coming from a energy regulator from the station appears in her screen, she rapidly assign the nearest employee to fix the problem.
…Now she is responsible to guide that same employee to the main computer of the space station to manually fix the problem.


The game recreates the look of an 80’s Saturday morning cartoon seen today, with noise, grain and lens aberration included.


The music and the audio of the game are linked together, all puzzle elements and computers you find in the game have their distinctive sound that doesn’t represent more than the noises that come out of that specific element, but when put together with another sound source you start to hearing some music, as if the computers and the level was singing to you.
This music have suspended / positive feel, and since all this sounds come from machines and computers, you will get an electronic / chiptune feel.

“Science HUB” – SuperShooter OST.