In a non-specific future, “Employee 004” is hired by B-055, an advanced AI unit to work in the  Space Station/Factory  “SP4-C3”. 
During her first day of work, the rookie, “Employee 004”, is sent by B-055 to fix a supposedly small problem with one of the main support systems of the station. There she meets, “N. Gineer”, who will lead the task.
The day quickly goes south when a critical component of the main support system explodes, putting in danger her new job, also, the entire world. 

Now the responsibility is in Employee 004 and N. Gineer’s hands to reach the station command center through the high security sector resolve the issue, and save the world.
For this task, Employee 004 must use the “Power Arm”, a new and experimental tool with the ability to interact with all the station’s systems, and, most importantly, launch the user through the air, rocket jumping style.
The main problem is that in order to get the power arm, Employee 004 must steal it. turning her into the top security threat to B-055, who has decided to stop her.

Can Employee 004 reach the center of the station in time, saving the world and  her new job?
Probably! After all, the power arm is super useful and powerful – hence the name “Power arm”!


With the PowerArm you can activate electric panels that powers all the elements in the station, allowing you to open doors, turn off security measures, or use the station elements to your advantage.

The main advantage of the power arm is that shooting it will literally launch you back with the gun recoil, this can be used to jump really high, allowing you to reach high places and far corners.


One of the lesser employees (and few humans) from the “SP4-C3” Space Station.
A salary worker without any special skill whatsoever..
In his first day of work she is sent to fix a minor problem in one of the many energy regulators of the station, but an accident, that she (allegedly) cause, puts the station in danger and also the world. Now she will have to harness all the knowledge of his 10 minute entry instructional video and save the mess that she herself cause.

A High level Engineer from the “SP4-C3” space station, in charge of different procedures.
She graduated with honors and high marks at a very young age, since then, she has been offered different laboral opportunities and challenges. She finally settled with a career in development and investigation of energy manipulation technology.
When a strange reading coming from a energy regulator from the station appears in her screen, she rapidly assign the nearest employee to fix the problem.
Now she is responsible to guide that same employee to the main computer of the space station to manually fix the problem.

A repurposed Veteran Battle Unit from the pre-Robobots wars era.
It was bought second hand from a scrap military auction to be re-activated and repurpose to manage the Tech Inc Corp Space Station Development Facility.
It has been working(against his will) for 10 years, the equivalent of an eternity for a fast processing AI, and more than enough time to realise the pointlessness of existence (his words).