The cat burglar known as “La Sombra” sneaks into a party that takes place in the offices of the mega company “Luxe Tec” to steal the famous “Emerald Tiara”, exhibited in the same building. Everything seems to be going well until the building is attacked by a group of terrorists who threaten to explode a powerful bomb if their demands are not granted.

Now, in a building surrounded by armed terrorists, “La Sombra” must make a decision to continue her mission in this heavily guarded building or face the terrorists and save the day.

For this difficult task “La Sombra” will have the help of a new technology that is being developed in the offices of “Luxe Tec”, an experimental portable device called “CodeBreaker”, a device capable through radio waves to remotely hack different electronic devices.

You will be able to hack different appliances and electronics
Force Objects to produce a loud noise to distract guards
Overcharge electronics to make a shockwave to stunt enemies